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MACI Procedure Explained | A Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Defects

The MACI (Matrix Associated Chondrocyte Implantation) Procedure is a revolutionary treatment for knee pain and defects, approved by the FDA in 2017.

Who Benefits?

If prior treatments including physical therapy or other surgeries have failed to decrease pain, The MACI Procedure may be recommended.

MACI is most successful when performed on patients with localized deficits caused by an injury, helping to prevent future osteoarthritis.  It’s generally not indicated for patients over age 55 already showing signs of advanced OA in the knee, from wear and tear or previous injury.

The Procedure

When cartilage is damaged, smoothness of movement of the knee will become negatively affected. The MACI Procedure is an autologous stem cell therapy treatment. Autologous means, your own stem cells are used.

Healthy cartilage is extracted from your knee. The sample is shipped to a lab where chondrocytes (building block cells of cartilage) from your healthy cartilage is treated and encouraged to grow.  This is the autologous stem cell therapy process.

When deemed ready, the new stem cells are implanted into your knee, covering the area of defect causing pain.


Th MACI procedure exceeds outcomes of previous treatments for similar conditions, including microfracture, with less downtime and better pain relief results.  It’s a less-invasive procedure that does not require internal suture fixation. Better, pain free, functional movement is expected 6 months later – shown in a trial conducted by SUMMIT.  MACI can be used for cartilaginous defects of any shape and size, are more flexible, with less feeling that a foreign object was placed in the knee.

Why Dr. Burke Orthopedics?

Dr. Burke thoroughly examines patients and medical histories to ensure viability of a candidate for MACI, to gain the most optimal outcome.  Dr. Burke will not perform the MACI procedure if you are not an appropriate candidate.

Dr. Burke has treated professional athletes, and patients travel from other cities and states for his services.  His empathy and unwillingness to perform procedures for personal or financial benefit speaks to his integrity, as a reputable doctor, surgeon, and leader in Orthopedics.

As soon as you experience an injury or suspect a knee condition, it’s imperative you obtain an appointment with Dr. Burke for a diagnosis and treatment plan, to prevent further damage and pain. Regaining full function of your knee, in the future, depends on acting quickly.

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