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Knee Pain, And When You Should Contact Your Doctor

Knee Pain, And When You Should Contact Your Doctor

When is the right time to see an orthopedic surgeon? Is it after you have suffered for many months with chronic pain or immediately after you notice that your knee pain is worse than usual?

About Knee Pain

Although it is highly recommended that you see an orthopedic doctor, you can still manage knee pain at home. This is especially when the knee injury is as a result of activity that was more strenuous than usual or if the pain comes on slowly. You can also observe knee pain arising from relatively minor injuries. Let it rest for a day or two and try a couple of self-care measures, then call an orthopedic doctor.

Home Remedies

Of course, long term pain also arises from arthritis. If this is the case, take up exercise and aim to lose weight. This way, you will strengthen the muscles around the knee joints. Other popular doctor-recommended self-care options include:

  1. Resting
    Avoid painful and strenuous activities but ensure you are still active. Also, ensure you alternate between activities that cause less discomfort to your joints. For instance, consider cycling instead of playing tennis. You can also swim instead of going for a jog. Where the injury is more acute, try to stay of your feet. If possible, get a set of crutches to help you move about until the knee pain subsides.
  2. Ice It
    Ice helps reduce pain. Place ice on your knee for a couple of minutes every day. Alternatively, use a bag of frozen vegetables or ice cubes wrapped in a towel.


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