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Orthopedic Joint Specialist

Since 1993, Dr. Robert L. Burke has been performing surgical and nonsurgical treatments for various joint pain conditions. Dr. Burke works with children, athletes, older patients and anyone in the Houston, Texas area who suffers from joint pain. Rated #1 Orthopedic Doctor by Living Magazine!

Joint Pain Areas

Years of training, research and hands-on experience as an orthopedic joint surgeon allows Dr. Burke to properly diagnosis joint pain problems. Dr. Burke not only diagnoses the cause; he guides the patient through their joint pain treatment and recovery process. Orthopedic care with Dr. Burke Orthopedics includes full examinations, treatment, physical therapy, follow-up appointments and more.

Dr. Burke specializes in treating knees, hips, & shoulders. These are the most common locations for joint pain symptoms, but treatments must be handled with care and delicacy by an orthopedic joint doctor.





Rated #1 Orthopedic Doctor By Living Magazine

We are proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive joint pain treatments to meet the needs of our patients. Board certified by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Burke specializes in robotic surgery, sports medicine, and stem cell therapy treatments for joint pain.

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