Treating Labral Tears | DrBurke

What can I do for labral tears?

A small tear to the labrum can be painful for patients at any age. The level of chronic hip pain will also depend on how severe the labral tear is. So, if a patient is suffering from a slight rip within the labrum, rest and other home treatments may resolve the symptoms and pain. At home, if a patient seems to be experiencing pain from a labral tear, try the following treatments:

  • Resting and pausing any physical activity involving the hip
  • Keeping the legs parallel and hips facing forward
  • Taking over the counter medications as needed

Relaxing the hips is one of the most important things. Flexing or rotating the hips with various movements may tear the labrum even more. If there is only a small labral tear, allow the hip to heal naturally with rest.

What if I need additional treatment for labral tears?

If the patient does not rest or if the hip injury is so severe that the labral tear causes chronic pain, additional treatment will be necessary. A serious labral tear will need professional care from an orthopedic or sports medicine specialist. Athletes especially need to care for labral tears to preserve full range of motion in the hip. Professional treatment for labral tears in the hip are:

  • Arthroscopic hip surgery
  • Physical therapy

For partial labral tears, rest will usually be enough to treat to the hip pain. Patients suffering from severe trauma are more likely to need surgical treatment. Physical therapy is beneficial for patients no matter which form of treatment heals the tears within the labrum.

How do I recover from labral tears?

Many physicians recommend physical therapy because the exercises and stretching help patients regain their range of motion. So, most recovery plans involve physical therapy sessions as well as follow up appointments with your doctor. Arthroscopic hip surgery is usually a last resort for labral tears, but this treatment is often an outpatient procedure. Surgeons use a small camera to guide them during the labrum reconstruction. Therefore, if patients get plenty of rest in between their physical therapy meetings, the hips should have a fast and full recovery.