Treating Hip Avascular Necrosis | DrBurke

What can I do for my hip AVN pain?

For hip AVN, if the hip bones are beyond repair, it may be too late to treat this disorder. Although, patients can care for the hip and their symptoms. The lack of blood is what weakens the hip bones so it is important to preserve any strength left in the hip. Patients can treat hip avascular necrosis symptoms with the following advice:

  • Get plenty of rest since the hip may have little strength
  • Use a cane or crutches to aid with movement and walking
  • Take over the counter medications to ease chronic hip pain

Once the bone starts to lose nutrients from the blood, the condition is almost irreversible. Treatment can either save the hip from chronic pain symptoms or replace the joint altogether. If the symptoms are so severe that the patient is in constant pain, consider further treatment for hip AVN.

What if I need additional treatment for hip avascular necrosis?

In most cases of avascular necrosis, the joint will need further treatment. The hip bones will eventually go on to die if they are missing out on valuable vitamins and minerals from the blood. An orthopedic physician will examine the hip with special x-rays and imaging. Depending on the patient’s condition, their treatment options for hip AVN include:

  • Partial hip replacement surgery
  • Total hip replacement surgery

Any form of hip replacement involves removal of dead bone and replacing it with an artificial joint. For these types of surgeries, robotic assistance guides surgeons during the procedure. With robotic assistance during hip replacement surgery, surgeons have a 3D look of the patient’s hip. Doctors can see exactly where the damage is from AVN.

How do I recover from hip AVN?

With a new joint, patients can return to their typical lifestyle, but much stronger and healthier. Patients benefit from regular physical therapy sessions that help them adapt to the new joint. From the robotic assistance during the procedure and physical therapy instructions, patients are walking and moving quickly. Every patient will need time to fully recover from AVN and hip replacement surgery. However, there are many factors that affect a patient’s progress. The timing, symptoms, type of surgery and rehabilitation all have a major effect on patients with avascular necrosis.