Healthy Weight Leads to Healthy Joints and Less Pain
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Healthy Weight Leads to Healthy Joints

The first month of 2017 is no different than any other year since one of the most common new year’s resolutions is maintaining a healthy weight. Throughout the US, people are striving to lose weight or improve their health. In addition to this new year’s tradition, January is also National Healthy Weight Awareness Month. Various studies show that keeping a healthy weight for a person’s age and height will lower their risk for multiple conditions and diseases. Especially for the knees, a healthy weight can eliminate chronic pain and lead to healthy joints.

New Year, New You!

Healthy weight month is one way people choose to start their year. Weight control starting in January can extend into the spring, summer and the entire year. Weight loss and exercise routines may require a few attempts and help from outside sources. For example, people can use technology to keep track of their health and progress. Different iPhone and Android applications are available for free downloads. These applications help with weight loss, nutrition and regular exercise. Some apps can even be personalized depending on your current lifestyle or other factors that may affect your health. Some people also consult online companies such as Diet Probe to get some ideas and inspirations for kick starting their weight loss journey. Before starting a serious weight loss plan, we recommend seeing a doctor for additional advice and health screenings.

Less Weight Means Less Pain

One way that a healthy weight benefits people is that less weight on the bones can preserve the joints for longer. Obesity not only contributes to heart problems, but also joint conditions. Extra body weight puts unnecessary stress on the knees. The bones can only carry so much weight. So, whenever a person is above their recommended body weight, this can lead to joint pain symptoms or full conditions. Another way to support your joints and prevent getting joint problems is by using things like offer. They not only help your joints, but also helps maintain blood sugar levels.

Arthritis is an example of one orthopedic condition that worsens with obesity. The extra weight makes the joints and cartilage between bones work harder. Eventually, after years of weight gain, the pounds can add up and the cartilage can disappear completely from former healthy joints.

Start Now…

Losing weight during any time of the year is a beneficial goal. Weight loss leads to a healthy heart, lower risks of cancer and stronger joints. Even if a person is already diagnosed with arthritis, synovitis, or other orthopedic conditions, weight loss will always help. More exercise and less food intake can save your joints. If a person takes care of their body, their health will reflect their choices. So, start your healthy lifestyle now! Design a nutrition plan or exercise routine with your doctor today. Physicians will be more than happy to guide their patients to healthy joints and healthy weight loss practices.