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These Exercise Tips Can Save Your Joints This Winter

Winter is here and the weather is getting colder in Pearland, Texas. Dr. Burke Orthopedics understands that those suffering with joint pain may feel that exercising in the cold weather will increase pain. However, we’ve listed some tips that can help ease joint pain when exercising in the cold weather:

  1. Avoid Morning Workouts

Joint pain and stiffness is often at its peak when you first wake up, which can make an early morning workout uncomfortable. Additionally, the weather is often colder in the morning, which can add to your joint pain. Instead, wait until later in the afternoon to get your exercise in. Not only will the weather be warmer, but your joints will also have the opportunity to loosen up as you move around allowing for a more comfortable workout.


  1. Invest in New Shoes

The cold winter weather also brings a larger amount of rainfall. This can lead to slippery surfaces that can increase your risk of falling when exercising. To avoid an accidental fall that can lead to further joint damage, invest in new shoes for your winter workouts. Trail shoes provide more grip and traction than regular walking shoes which can prevent a fall when exercising on slick surfaces during the winter.


  1. Warm up Before Exercising

While warming up is important to your exercise routine in any weather, you should spend a little extra time on this step when the temperature decreases. Because cold weather leads to increased joint pain and stiffness, spending a few minutes to slowly get your heart rate up and stretch is important to avoiding joint pain while exercising. The increased blood flow from a warm up will loosen up joints and prevent pain.


  1. Do Low-Impact Exercises

While the cold weather may make it tempting to exercise intensely to warm up, stick to low impact exercises during the winter. Walking or swimming in a heated indoor pool are two great low-impact exercises to do during cold weather. Intense cardio exercises such as running can create stress on the joints and lead to joint pain. Though the weather may be cold, it is better to dress warmly and take your exercises slowly in order to avoid pain and stress on the joints.


  1. Drink Water

Even though it may be tempting to reach for a warm holiday drink after exercising in the cold weather, stick to drinking water. Water lubricates the joints, which helps relieve pain. Bring along a bottle of water with you when exercising to make sure your body stays hydrated.


Cold weather may cause people to feel as though exercising will put too much strain on their joints, but it is important to stick to your exercise routine to keep your joints strong. For those experiencing chronic joint pain this season, Dr. Burke Orthopedics can help get you back to a pain free life. Give us a call at (713) 436-3488.