Empowering Your Joints, One Step at a Time! Dr. Burke Orthopedics Introduces MACI, a Personalized Treatment for Cartilage Defects

Understanding the Impact of Cartilage Defects

Cartilage makes up a large portion of the knee joint and is responsible for its stability and smoothness of motion. It also provides shock absorption throughout your body. Cartilage is a tough, malleable connective tissue that is particularly important in the knee. Two types of cartilage are responsible for the proper functioning of the knee. These are meniscal and articular cartilage.

Articular is a smooth type of cartilage that decreases friction during movement, allowing the bones to glide easily. It covers the ends of the femur, shin bone, and back of the kneecap.

The meniscus cartilage is different. It is tougher and more flexible. It is located between the thigh and the shin bone right in the middle of the joint. There are two menisci in each knee. The menisci equally distribute the body weight across the entire knee, providing cushioning and shock absorption.

When in knee pain, cartilage damage is likely the culprit and cartilage repair is the solution. Damage to either of these two types of cartilage in the knee will lead to pain and loss of function. Some symptoms of cartilage damage in the knee are:

  • Grating sounds and sensations when moving the knee joint
  • Stiffness
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Instability of the knee
  • Swelling
  • Increased knee pain when negotiating stairs

Introducing MACI: Personalized Cartilage Restoration

Dr. Burke offers the MACI Procedure. The entire goal of this treatment is cartilage repair. It covers or replaces damaged cartilage in the knee with newly grown, healthy cartilage. Your body easily absorbs this fresh new cartilage, restoring function to your knee.

The procedure is highly individualized as it uses autologous stem cells to grow the new cartilage. This means that the baby cartilage cells are extracted from your own knee and implanted back in when they are fully mature.

The Dr. Burke Orthopedics Advantage

An orthopedic surgeon must be trained and certified to offer this procedure; this is why most orthopedic clinics don’t offer it. Dr. Burke not only has this certification but is experienced in the technique as he has been performing it for years.

Dr. Burke and his team treat you with the utmost compassion and empathy. Don’t take our word for it, read this recent 5-star review in Yelp...

“This is by far the best Ortho I've ever had I played collegiate sports and have had issues with my knee for a while. The entire staff is just a pleasure my last Appointment lasted maybe 10 minutes I highly recommend this office.”

Reclaim Your Mobility and Quality of Life

Knee pain can significantly curtail your quality of life, making the simplest task painful and difficult to complete. The MACI Procedure has an 85% success rate, and the odds are in your favor that it will work and you will return to all activities you need to do, whether that is doing laundry or engaging in sports.

Art of your body starts hurting, it can be scary. Especially if there was no injury and you are unsure of the cause. Here at Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we specialize in treating orthopedic conditions and injuries and take the time to explain everything to you and assuage your fear.

Below are some reasons why we are the best orthopedic clinic you can find in Texas.

We Care About Every Patient

We hear you. We listen. Our entire team from front desk staff task to your orthopedic surgeon will treat you like you are a member of their own family. No need to be apprehensive when coming to see us. Your comfort is one of our utmost priorities, second only to providing excellent, effective care.

We Work with Revolutionary Treatments

If you are looking for an orthopedic clinic that provides state-of-the-art, revolutionary medicine. Look no further. One procedure that sets us apart from other clinics is the MACI procedure.

This minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of knee pain is groundbreaking in the world of knee surgery. It is a process that uses autologous stem cells from your own knee to grow new cartilage and cover or replace the area of damage. It boasts an incredibly high success rate and can lead to avoiding the need for a total knee replacement.

Not all orthopedic clinics provide this procedure as you must be specially trained to offer it. Dr. Burke has this special training.

We Have Years of Experience & Satisfied Patients

Dr. Burke and his team have decades of experience treating all musculoskeletal conditions. We have a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Google from hundreds of reviews. Here are some recent reviews from satisfied patients…

  • “My 12-year-old daughter underwent knee surgery with Dr Burke and his team. The team is both professional and caring. They went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable and explained things to her in a way that she understood. I would recommend Dr Burke and his team to anyone needing orthopedic treatment.”
  • “It's been 3 years now and still going like a champ! Knee surgery on the meniscus was seamless, well-informed, and efficient. Results were great!”
  • “Dr. Burke is amazing! He is so friendly, straightforward, and attentive to his patients! My husband has had two surgeries with him and I’m a patient as well. Great bedside manner - he's one that I truly feel cares about his patients. We highly recommend him!”
  • “Dr. Burke was very personable, patient, & kind. He listened to my concerns and made sure to explain my condition in full detail. The office staff was very professional and courteous.”

As you can see, people love and trust us, and most importantly, patients refer their friends and family to us and return to us themselves when another orthopedic complaint pops up. We hope you will come to see us when you have musculoskeletal pain.

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