Embrace Fall with New Beginnings, Including New Cartilage

The new year is not the only time to set resolutions and embark on a new way of life. Now is the perfect time of year to fix that nagging knee pain you’ve had for a while so that you can be fully healed and recovered and enter the new year with a fresh sense of stability and capability in your leg.

Assessing Your Knee Joint Pain, Is It Acute or Chronic?

Acute vs chronic is usually defined by how long you’ve had it. You will find different definitions and lengths of time to define acute vs chronic. But typically, if you’ve been experiencing knee pain for less than 6 weeks, it is considered acute or subacute. A duration of knee joint pain of several months or more is chronic.

Acute knee pain generally has an identifiable cause such as injury. It should subside after several days or weeks of treatment and/or rest when the cause of the pain is gone. Knee joint pain is considered subacute when it is present for up to 6 weeks to 3 months.

Any longer than that, your knee pain is considered chronic and requires further examination by an orthopedic specialist to diagnose the cause of the pain and proper treatment.

If It’s Knee Cartilage Loss, Consider Stem Cell Therapy

Chronic knee pain is almost always caused by some sort of internal damage to cartilage or other structures within the joint. Chronic knee pain can be caused by an injury that did not heal properly in the acute stage and turned chronic.

Or there could be no injury at all and chronic knee pain can be a result of normal or excessive wear and tear on the joint. Most often, cartilage damage is the culprit. And in this case, you may be a perfect candidate for the MACI Procedure.

How the Maci Procedure Can Help You

MACI is a revolutionary treatment for knee pain introduced to the world in 2013 in Europe and gained full FDA approval in the US in 2016. It is specifically for repairing damaged cartilage. The procedure involves stem cell therapy using autologous cartilaginous stem cells to grow new cartilage. This new cartilage is then implanted in your knee to cover or replace the area of damaged cartilage.

The MACI Procedure can treat historically hard-to-treat areas in the knee that are causing pain. It boasts a very high success rate and has an easier, shorter, and less painful recovery period. Not all orthopedic surgeons perform this procedure as one must be specially trained and certified in the technique to do so.

Dr. Burke Orthopedics - The Premier Stem Cell Therapy Provider in Houston

If you have seen doctor after doctor with no relief of your knee pain, consider MACI. Or maybe, you want to skip all the misdiagnoses and wrong treatments, wasting time and money, and be diagnosed and treated correctly the first time. This is the treatment you will find at Dr. Burke Orthopedics.

We are a team of the best orthopedic specialists in Texas who provide the state-of-the-art and almost always successful MACI Procedure. Schedule a consultation with 2 convenient locations in Pearland, TX and Houston. Call us at (713) 436-3488.

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