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When there is an injury in the knee, known or unknown, an arthroscopic procedure may be the solution. Arthroscopy can be utilized as both a diagnostic technique and a knee injury treatment. It is one of many different types of knee surgery.
An arthroscopic procedure consists of inserting a small fiber-optic camera into the joint by way of a very small incision in order to accurately diagnose an issue. This same procedure is used at times to effectively treat knee injuries. The image from the camera allows your orthopedic surgeon to clearly see inside the knee joint.
Arthroscopy is used when treating a variety of conditions, including loose bone fragments, torn ligaments, torn cartilage, removal of inflamed tissue, etc. An arthroscopic orthopedic surgery procedure is minimally invasive and if the severity of your injury is minor, arthroscopy may be the best orthopedic treatment for your knee pain.

MACI Procedure

A revolutionary orthopedic treatment for knee pain that Dr. Burke performs is the MACI Procedure (Matrix-Induced Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation). This is a two-step process in which the first part of is performed arthroscopically.

The first step consists of arthroscopically removing a healthy portion of cartilage from a weight-bearing area of the knee. Then, this sample is shipped to a lab and specially treated so that this small sample can proliferate and grow into new, healthy cartilage.
Next, when deemed ready, this new sample of healthy cartilage will then be implanted back into your knee at the location of the damaged cartilage, which will have been removed. The result of this treatment for knee pain will ultimately be significant relief.

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Knee Reconstruction

A reconstruction of a torn ligament is a common knee injury treatment that orthopedic surgeons perform. Depending on the severity, a variety of different types of knee surgery will be chosen from for this injury.

Whenever possible, the least invasive orthopedic treatment for your knee pain will be chosen. This will be arthroscopy. At times, a torn ACL or other injuries of ligaments in the knee can be performed arthroscopically. However, depending on the severity, location, and other details specific to your injury, an arthroscopic procedure may not be a possibility and another orthopedic surgery will be used.

Loose Bodies and Fracture Care

Loose bodies in the knee and fractures may at times also be treated with minimally invasive procedures, but again depending on the severity of the injury, open surgical intervention may be necessary.

Loose bodies in the knee is a condition where cartilage or bone fragments have broken loose causing pain the knee with movement.

A break of the bone, or fracture can range from very mild to very severe. The goal with orthopedic treatment for a fracture is to place the broken bone back into proper alignment and stabilize it in order to allow for proper healing to occur. No matter the severity of the fracture, Dr. Burke will be able to treat it effectively.

There will always be an orthopedic treatment for your knee pain. A consultation with an orthopedic surgeon nearby such as Dr. Burke located near Houston in Pearland, Texas will provide you with the best options for your knee.

Doctor and patient during check-up for injury in hospital

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