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Dr. Burke Orthopedics Response to COVID-19 Stay Home – Work Safe Order

The number one priority at Dr. Burke Orthopedics has always been the health and safety of our patients and medical staff.

Both locations for Dr. Burke Orthopedics clinics will remain open, with the same operating hours. Safety precautions, special screening, visitor restrictions, and extreme sanitation procedures have been in place, since the first case in the greater Houston area.

We are offering clinic appointments with our Telemedicine Platform. This provides a “no contact and stay home” option for appointments with Dr. Burke, using video conferencing.

When requesting a clinic appointment online or by phone, patients can choose an in-office or video clinic appointment. With video clinic appointments, you will not require any special hardware or software. Our office staff will schedule an available date and time, after confirming insurance information. Patients will be emailed a link to use for their video clinic appointment. It is easy to use and for the convenience of our patients.

Dr. Burke performs surgeries at Texas Orthopedic Hospital. This is a “no sick” hospital, for orthopedic surgery patients only, without other health issues. We will continue to provide the best service for our patients, while following the CDC and government guidelines on essential surgeries. Safety measures have also been implemented at Texas Orthopedic Hospital. All patients must use the main, garage, or emergency room entrances. No visitors are allowed at this time, apart from one overnight visitor per patient.

Dr. Burke Orthopedics pledges the safety of all patients, during their appointments or surgeries. We care about our patients, staff, and community. We urge patients, especially ones in pain, to address their orthopedic needs and health by requesting or keeping their clinic appointments. Thank you for your resilience, support, and understanding. Request your appointment online by visiting www.drburkeortho.com/contact-us. You can also call our office at (713) 436-3488. Do not hesitate to call, if you have any questions or concerns.