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The Complete Guide to Exercising After Stem Cell Therapy

We all know that including exercise is your daily routine is extremely important. Physical activity helps prevent obesity, keeps your heart in excellent condition, and even helps improve your overall mood. However, those who have recently had stem cell therapy in Pearland, Texas, may wonder what exercises are best for them following their treatment. At Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we understand the importance of regular exercise, so we’ve listed some exercises that are perfect for those who have recently undergone stem cell therapy:

Exercising After Stem Cell Therapy:

While stem cell therapy doesn’t require any downtime, you should avoid strenuous exercise for the first two weeks following your treatment. Gentle range of motion exercises and low-impact cardiovascular activities are recommended as your body heals.


  1. Hip and Knee Bends

To begin hip and knee bends, first lie flat on the floor with your legs straight. Point your toes as far as is comfortable, then bend your knee slowly up toward your chest until you feel a gentle stretch. Straighten your knee back to the starting position and repeat with your other leg.


  1. Leg Lifts

Just as with the hip and knee bends, begin this exercise by lying flat on the floor with your legs straightened. Raise your leg until it is about six to twelve inches above the floor. Hold this potion for 10 seconds, then return your leg to the floor. Repeat the same movement with your other leg.


  1. Side to Side Shoulder Movements

Begin by sitting in a sturdy, supportive chair. Raise your arm until it is even with your shoulder, and then raise it up over your head as far as is comfortable. Return your arm to shoulder-level. From there, slowly bring your arm across the front of your body, reaching for the opposite shoulder. Bring your arm back to your side and repeat with your other arm.


  1. Walking

A brisk walk is perfect for patients after stem cell therapy. If desired, you can add small ankle weights while you walk to slightly increase the intensity of this exercise.


  1. Yoga

Yoga is a low-impact form of exercise that both strengthens muscles and increases flexibility. To get the most out of this exercise, focus on yoga poses that target areas of your body affected by joint pain. However, remember to only stretch as far as is comfortable. Following your stem cell therapy, focus on a gentle stretch in these areas.


It’s best to take it easy in the first two weeks following stem cell therapy, but that doesn’t mean you have to eliminate exercise from your routine completely. These exercises help you get daily physical activity while you recover. For stem cell therapy treatment in Pearland, Texas, give Dr. Burke Orthopedics a call at (713) 436-3488.