Chronic Arthritis Can Create Heart Diseases- Risks and Treatment
Chronic Arthritis Can Create Heart Diseases

Chronic Arthritis Can Create Heart Diseases

During the month of February, physicians have a special focus on heart health. February is American Heart Month so it is important to know about the causes of heart disease. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the US. Heart failure can be onset by other preexisting conditions. Research shows the links between weight and nutrition, but new studies are revealing additional causes. People who suffer from chronic arthritis may have a higher chance on conducting heart disease.

Osteoarthritis Affects the Heart

Osteoarthritis is an orthopedic condition that may cause the knees and other joints to swell with pain. The swelling is from internal bleeding within the joints. For example, another condition called synovitis leads to major inflammation and pain that people will suffer from along with arthritis. The swelling in the knees or any part of the body makes the heart work harder. The heart is a large muscle so if this central muscle is overworking a stroke, heart attack or other cardiac injury may soon follow.

Immune System Problems

Chronic arthritis can lead to heart problems. Arthritis comes in several forms so each type can create new problems for the heart. Osteoarthritis and inflammation causes the heart to work harder. Rheumatoid arthritis attacks the immune system so the heart is exposed to more diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis is an orthopedic disorder where the body cannot repair itself. The immune system should protect the joints however, RA confuses the body. This overall confusion hurts joints like the knee and eventually, the heart and circulatory system.

Prevention Before Treatment

If someone is experiencing chronic joint pain, they shouldn’t live with that disorder. Not only are joint pain symptoms uncomfortable and inconvenient, they can hurt the rest of the body. Understanding the orthopedic condition and seeking treatment can save the heart. Even though a person suffers from another disease, like arthritis, they don’t have to hear the news of heart failure or other heart problems. Prevention is the best way to care for any part of the body. Prevention can be as simple as walking around the block for more exercise or taking anti-inflammatory medications. Consult a professional who review your medical history and treat your chronic arthritis symptoms.

From the heart, down to the knees, remember to eat well, maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly. Celebrate American Heart Month by caring for your heart health and any other conditions.