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This Christmas Wish List Can Help Your Joints

Christmas is just around the corner, and many people are getting the last of their holiday shopping done. For families of those suffering with joint pain, gift shopping can be difficult. Your family may not know what exactly to get you to help you ease your pain. Dr. Burke Orthopedics understands that you want to reduce the holiday shopping stress on your loved ones, so we’ve listed out some perfect gift ideas to add to your Christmas wish list to reduce joint pain:


  1. An Electric Blanket

The cold winter weather can leave your joints feeling more achy than usual, especially at night when temperatures drop even further. This Christmas, add an electric blanket to your wish list. The heat will help sooth achy joints while you sleep, leaving you with less morning-time pain.


  1. A Gift Certificate for a Massage

Not only is a massage a great way to relive any holiday stress, it can also help your joints. Be sure to ask for a massage gift certificate this Christmas. Massages help reduce inflammation by promoting blood flow to the muscles surrounding the joints. This alleviates pain from both stiff joints and sore muscles, making it a relaxing way to reduce painful symptoms.


  1. Layer-able Clothing

Protect your joints from the cold winter weather when out go out by asking for clothing that can be easily layered. Layers help keep the joints warm which can reduce pain when you have to step out and do some Christmas shopping or any other holiday activities. Loose layers help trap body heat well, so ask for clothing that is loose enough to fit over other articles of clothing.


  1. A Sock Aid

While it may not seem like the most exciting gift, adding a sock aid to your Christmas wish list can save you quite a bit of pain when doing a simple daily task. Those suffering from joint pain often have a hard time bending over to put on socks without feeling some level of discomfort. A sock aid can reduce the need to put strain on your joints by allowing you to put socks on while remaining in a comfortable position.


  1. Hot and Cold Knee Wrap

For those suffering from joint pain in the knees, a hot and cold knee wrap is the perfect addition to your wish list this season. These wraps allow for both hot and cold therapy to help reduce joint pain. Simply put the wrap in the freezer or microwave and wrap around your knee for soothing relief.


Joint pain can be difficult to deal with, especially during the holiday season. However, by creating the perfect Christmas wish list, you can make sure to receive gifts that can help reduce symptoms. For those feeling held back by joint pain this holiday season, give Dr. Burke Orthopedics a call at (713) 436-3488. We are a leading name in Orthopedics in the Pearland, Texas area, and can help get you back to a pain-free life.