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Apply These 4 Secret Techniques to Improve Stem Cell Health

Many residents in Pearland, Texas, know that stem cells play an important role within the body. While you may be aware of how essential stem cells are, how do you keep them at their healthiest? At Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we know that taking care of your stem cells can not only help you feel great overall, it can also help you get the most out of stem cell therapy treatments. Here, we’ve listed some easy tips that will help keep your stem cells in great shape:

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3 Important Questions to Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Stem Cell Therapy

You may have read or heard some amazing reviews about stem cell therapy and how it completely changed someone’s life. You may be considering giving it a try as well, but do you have enough information? Are you convinced that this is the right procedure for you? As a leading name in stem cell therapy in Pearland, Texas, Dr. Burke Orthopedics understands that you want to know as much as possible to determine if stem cell therapy is right for you, so we’ve laid out some important questions you should ask:

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Winter Sports Injuries & Stem Cell Therapy: Can This Treatment Help?

While being involved in a sport is a great way to stay active during the winter time, there is always a potential risk for injuries. When an injury occurs, many athletes worry about which method of treatment is best for their active lifestyle. At Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we understand that winter sports players want to treat their injuries while still being able to play their favorite game, so we’ve laid out some common injuries and how stem cell therapy may be able to help:

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Allogeneic vs. Autologous Stem Cell Therapy: What’s the Difference?

Stem cell therapy is gaining traction as a treatment for orthopedic pain in Pearland, Texas. However, many potential patients still don’t feel as though they know enough about the procedure, as there is new information being presented almost constantly. At Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we want to make sure everyone considering stem cell therapy is properly informed, so we’ve laid out some important information over the difference between allogeneic and autologous stem cell therapy, two of the most popular forms of this revolutionary treatment:

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Stem Cell FAQ: Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Stem cell therapy is gaining popularity among many patients suffering from various orthopedic conditions. However, this new form of treatment still leaves many people with questions about how it works and what it can treat. As a leading name in Pearland, Texas, for stem cell therapy, Dr. Burke Orthopedics understands that potential patients of stem cell therapy want to know as much information as possible about the treatment, so we’ve given some answers to your most frequently asked questions:

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Don’t Let Tennis Elbow Hold You Back! Stem Cell Therapy May be Able to Help

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and play your favorite sport. However, those who enjoy tennis may notice that pain in their elbow is keeping them out of the game. Often, this pain is a result of a condition called “tennis elbow,” and regenerative treatment may be able to help. At Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we know that Pearland, Texas, residents want to enjoy sports without being held back by elbow pain, so we’ve laid out some information on tennis elbow and how stem cell therapy may be able to help:

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The Complete Guide to Exercising After Stem Cell Therapy

We all know that including exercise is your daily routine is extremely important. Physical activity helps prevent obesity, keeps your heart in excellent condition, and even helps improve your overall mood. However, those who have recently had stem cell therapy in Pearland, Texas, may wonder what exercises are best for them following their treatment. At Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we understand the importance of regular exercise, so we’ve listed some exercises that are perfect for those who have recently undergone stem cell therapy:

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Dr. Burke - orthopedic Doctor does robotic surgery and stem cell therpay

Robotic Knee Replacement for Athletes

Knee injuries in athletes, at any age, are a common occurrence. Knee injuries are one of the top five reasons why professional and student athletes miss out on major sports tournaments. A knee injury is dangerous because, without the right treatment, this sports-related injury causes a decline in an athlete’s performance and development. Knee pain from previous injuries also leads to absences from work, school and everyday activities. Today, robotic knee replacement offers a solution to athletes even with the most devastating knee injuries.

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Pre-Op knee tear

Knee Ligaments: ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL

A knee dislocation results when there is an injury to several knee ligaments at one time. The knee is made up of ligaments toward the front, back and each side. There are four major ligaments that hold the knee together. If one ligament begins to tear, this can be healed with bed rest, but multiple ligament tears are more complicated. Treatment and recovery after a knee dislocation depend on the individual ligaments.

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