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What Everyone Must Know About Self-Healing with Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell therapy is rapidly gaining attention for treating many notorious illnesses including arthritis and sports injuries for example. In orthopedics, stem cell therapy works for certain types of arthritis and other joint conditions. Research on stem cell therapy shows that this self-healing treatment has many benefits for patients. in comparison to other forms of treatments, self-healing with regenerative medicine consistently produces better outcomes and long-term recovery.

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Study Shows that Robotic-Assisted Surgery Leads to Lower Revision Rates

The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery reports that patients who received a total knee replacement have a lower revision rate, while patients who received only unicompartmental knee surgery have a higher revision rate. Total knee replacement surgeries are now being performed by orthopedic surgeons with the help of robotic-assisted techniques. According to the JBJS, surgery performed with robotic assistance, “has been proposed as a method of improving the accuracy of component implantation in arthroplasty.”

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