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Doctor adjusting a knee brace for his patient's right leg

Should You Be Wearing a Knee Brace?

You see them on TV and you see them on famous athletes, but should you be wearing one? What is a knee brace and what does it do? These nude or black braces are a form of support for the knee joint. Braces can help you when the knee is suffering from a previous injury or even before the pain starts. Many athletes will wear some form of knee pads or braces if they are struggling with old injuries or reoccurring knee pain. It is the hard landings or jumps that can cause chronic pain to the knees. Many times, NBA players will wear knee braces for the additional support.

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Pre-Op knee tear

Knee Ligaments: ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL

A knee dislocation results when there is an injury to several knee ligaments at one time. The knee is made up of ligaments toward the front, back and each side. There are four major ligaments that hold the knee together. If one ligament begins to tear, this can be healed with bed rest, but multiple ligament tears are more complicated. Treatment and recovery after a knee dislocation depend on the individual ligaments.

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Broken twisted ankle - running sport injury. Athletic man runner

Healthy Weight Leads to Healthy Joints

The first month of 2017 is no different than any other year since one of the most common new year’s resolutions is maintaining a healthy weight. Throughout the US, people are striving to lose weight or improve their health. In addition to this new year’s tradition, January is also National Healthy Weight Awareness Month. Various studies show that keeping a healthy weight for a person’s age and height will lower their risk for multiple conditions and diseases. Especially for the knees, a healthy weight can eliminate chronic pain and lead to healthy joints.

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Recognizing Knee Pain Symptoms

People feel occasional aches and pains. The body and all its joints may suffer from time to time, but what are abnormal symptoms? Some soreness after a workout or physical activity is expected. However, is popping and swelling in the knees a normal symptom too? There are some signs and types of pain that start small. If these knee pain symptoms continue, consider further answers for an accurate diagnosis.

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