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Show Your Joints Some Love with Stem Cell Therapy

Whether you’re suffering from an orthopedic injury, degenerative disease, or simply chronic pain, stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive technique that offers relief for patients in Pearland, Texas. This revolutionary treatment can save you from having to undergo a reconstructive surgery. At Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we know you want to show your joints some love, so we’ve laid out some reasons to choose stem cell therapy to treat pain:

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What to Expect After Your Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

Stem cells are one of the major repairing mechanisms of the body. During stem cell therapy, healthy stem cells are infused into the body so that they replenish the damaged ones, marking the beginning of the healing process. However, just like any other procedure, side effects are a part and parcel of this treatment. At Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we understand that patients may not know what to expect following their stem cell therapy treatment, so we’ve laid out some information to help:

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Winter Sports Injuries & Stem Cell Therapy: Can This Treatment Help?

While being involved in a sport is a great way to stay active during the winter time, there is always a potential risk for injuries. When an injury occurs, many athletes worry about which method of treatment is best for their active lifestyle. At Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we understand that winter sports players want to treat their injuries while still being able to play their favorite game, so we’ve laid out some common injuries and how stem cell therapy may be able to help:

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The Complete Guide to Exercising After Stem Cell Therapy

We all know that including exercise is your daily routine is extremely important. Physical activity helps prevent obesity, keeps your heart in excellent condition, and even helps improve your overall mood. However, those who have recently had stem cell therapy in Pearland, Texas, may wonder what exercises are best for them following their treatment. At Dr. Burke Orthopedics, we understand the importance of regular exercise, so we’ve listed some exercises that are perfect for those who have recently undergone stem cell therapy:

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Don't Let the Cold Stop You from Moving - When to Tell if You Need to See an Orthopedic Doctor

Connecting the Dots Between Knee Conditions

Unfortunately, one orthopedic condition can easily lead to another. Synovitis symptoms are a major cause of arthritis. Two or more ligament tears create a knee dislocation. Osteochondral defects lead to loose cartilage pieces. Painful symptoms or natural anatomy are the links between different orthopedic conditions. The following knee pain disorders have strong cause and effect bonds:

  • Synovitis and Osteoarthritis
  • Ligament Tears and Knee Dislocations
  • Osteochondral Defects and Loose Bodies

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Secret-to-Stem-Cell-Therapy-Article Pearland Texas Dr. Burke Orthopedics

At Last, The Secret to Stem Cell Therapy and The Cure for Knee Pain Is Revealed

For many years, people have been living life with knee pain and ongoing knee pain problems. Common diagnoses like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and tendonitis harm the knees. Unfortunately, patients learn to live with this knee pain and miss out of an active life. In addition to constant knee pain, people are losing time with their family and friends. Your knee does not stop, until now. At last, the cure for knee pain and the secret to stem cell therapy is revealed.

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chronic knee pain

Understanding Knee Anatomy

The knee is one of the most important joints in the body. The knee and every other joint work like a machine. There are connective pieces that work together that make sure the knee is protected and functioning properly. Each joint has a similar anatomy, but the knees are extremely valuable since they carry the majority of the body weight while walking and standing. Three tissue groups that hold the knee together include cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

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Doctor adjusting a knee brace for his patient's right leg

Should You Be Wearing a Knee Brace?

You see them on TV and you see them on famous athletes, but should you be wearing one? What is a knee brace and what does it do? These nude or black braces are a form of support for the knee joint. Braces can help you when the knee is suffering from a previous injury or even before the pain starts. Many athletes will wear some form of knee pads or braces if they are struggling with old injuries or reoccurring knee pain. It is the hard landings or jumps that can cause chronic pain to the knees. Many times, NBA players will wear knee braces for the additional support.

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Pre-Op knee tear

Knee Ligaments: ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL

A knee dislocation results when there is an injury to several knee ligaments at one time. The knee is made up of ligaments toward the front, back and each side. There are four major ligaments that hold the knee together. If one ligament begins to tear, this can be healed with bed rest, but multiple ligament tears are more complicated. Treatment and recovery after a knee dislocation depend on the individual ligaments.

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