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Biological Treatments That Can Help You Post Surgery

Recovering from a surgery is an important concern, whether it is a minor or a major surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon may have discussed with you how much pain you should expect, how you can manage it, and the period of time it will require for you to fully recover.

Undergoing a surgery is accompanied with different levels of post-surgery pain. You might experience muscle pain either in the neck, shoulders, back or chest; throat pain where your throat feels scratchy or sore; and movement pain, that is pain while walking, sitting down or coughing. Managing pain after surgery will greatly influence how fast or how slow you will recover, and it should begin at an early stage. The mistake people make is waiting too long before taking post-surgery pain medications. You should stay ahead of your pain. One aspect you should look into is your comfort factor, as you need to be comfortable after your surgery. Why not consider switching your old casper mattress for something new? It will be something to consider as it should help you relax better and be able to deal with the recovery process easily.

Some factors may determine the amount of pain you feel and how you can manage it, such as:

– The surgical procedure you received
– The amount of time spent during surgery

There are several post-surgery pain treatments you can use depending on the kind of surgery you went through and your general health. Your doctor might prescribe a single medicine or a combination of drugs.

Some biological treatments you can use post-surgery are:

1. Patient Controlled Anesthesia (PCA)

This treatment can be given immediately after surgery. Pain medications might be given through your vein which is programmed so you cannot receive too much in one dose.

2. Taking Supplements

In addition to eating the right type of food, taking certain vitamins at least for some weeks before surgery and three months after can greatly improve your recovery. Based on research, taking just 250 mg of vitamin C per day can cut down your healing time by half.


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