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What is Spondyloarthritis? Spondyloarthritis is a form of arthritis that is considered an autoimmune disease. This disease generally attacks the joints of the spinal column, though other joints in the body may be affected by this condition. Except in the case of this disease affecting the digestive system, what differentiates Spondyloarthritis from other forms of…


Facet Joint Arthritis

What is Facet Joint Arthritis? There are two facet joints on each vertebrae of the spinal column. One is pointing upward and one is pointing down. They connect with the appropriate facet joint on the vertebrae above and below. These joints are also named zygapophyseal joints or Apophyseal Joints. These joints are synovial joints within…


Hip Labral Tears

What is a Hip Labral tear? Two joints in the body have what is called a labrum. The shoulder and the hip joints are both ball and socket joints. Regarding the hip joint, this ball and socket consist of the top of the thigh bone (femur) and the bottom of the pelvic bone. The upper…


Hip Impingement

What is hip impingement? Hip impingement is also referred to as Femorocetabular Impingement. The bones are made up of solid, strong tissues that support our bodies. If something compromises the structure of a bone, it can lead to chronic hip pain. This is the problem with hip impingement. Hip impingement is similar to osteoarthritis pain.…


Hip Avascular Necrosis

What is Avascular Necrosis of the hip? Avascular Necrosis of the hip is also referred to as Osteonecrosis and Aseptic Necrosis. Our bodies need a steady supply of blood to nourish us. The blood has many nutrients that are essential to our everyday living. Along with the soft tissues in our body, our bones benefit…


Hip Conditions

What is chronic hip pain? Chronic hip pain is a common symptom that often reflects a deeper issue with the joints. The joint works closely with the surrounding muscles, ligaments, and tendons. For the hips, these joints are made up of the pelvic bone, femur and connective tissues that help with regular motion. An injury…


Joint Replacement

What is Joint Replacement? Orthopedics involves the muscles, bones, cartilage, ligaments, and surrounding tissues, which compose the various joints within our bodies. Dr. Burke’s services are aimed at improving the function of the limb in addition to eliminating pain to any of the joints. One form of treatment Dr. Burke Orthopedics offers is computer assisted joint replacement surgery…


Loose Bodies

What are Loose Bodies? Loose bodies in the knee is a condition that results when a part of the knee joint is broken and loose within the body. The broken piece within the knee joint can be cartilage, bone or some other substance that is floating freely within the synovial fluid in the joint and…


Surgeries & Treatments

Orthopedic Surgeries & Treatments There are many different surgeries & treatments to accommodate for all of the existing orthopedic conditions. The below lists are intended to give a general idea of what might be needed based on region of pain. Any and all surgical procedures should always be under the recommendation and guidance of a…



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