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5 Ways to Save Your Knees from Surgery

5 Ways to Save Your Knees from Surgery

Knee pain is something millions of Americans encounter during their lifetime. This knee pain can lead to surgery, especially for those with arthritic joints. Of course, everyone wants to avoid surgery if possible. Sometimes surgery is needed, but before your pain gets to that point, there are simple ways to save your knees. Here are the top five ways to avoid injury and surgery to your knees.

1. Maintain a Healthy Weight
Studies show that being overweight means men are five times, and women four times, more likely to develop knee injuries. The reason for this is fat decreases muscle strength, and the heavier the body, the more strain on the knee joints. Your bones may not be strong enough to support your own body weight. Frequent exercise is important to strengthen bones and maintain a healthy weight. Healthy exercises such as cycling are good for maintaining a suitable body weight and healthy knees.

2. Stretch the Supporting Muscles
A number of muscles support the knees. These muscles are being used even when we don’t think we are using them. For example, people spend plenty of time during the day sitting. Whether that is sitting at a car steering wheel or a desk, sitting causes strain on muscles such as the hamstrings, inner thighs and even the calves. Regular stretching of these muscles can ease the strain on the knee joints.

3. Sit on the Floor
When we’re at home, we are all guilty of sitting on the couch. Our time spent in this 90-degree hip and 90-degree knee position is not good for us. Sitting on the floor helps these joints work in new positions which provides the relief needed on the knee. It is a natural reaction when we are sitting on the floor to do more stretching which releases the tension around the knees.

4. Tone Core Muscles
Weakness in the abdomen can create excessive lower-back curvature which in turn can create stress on the body. Strengthening your core muscles can keep your back in a more natural position. Good posture will allow the knees to be in the best position for moving while creating joint compression.

5. Strengthen your Glutes
Society as a whole has weak butt muscles, and this weakness can lead to a dropping of the pelvis. When the pelvis drops, it can create a painful stress on the hip even when we do everyday activities. Walking around the office can be a painful experience for your hips and knees. Taking care of your glutes is an important way to protect the knees. Hip extensions are a good form of exercise to assist with this.