5 Steps to Chronic Pain Management: Starts with the Right Orthopedic Doctor

Understand Your Pain with the Right Diagnosis

Choosing the most effective method of orthopedic treatment for any condition involves first obtaining an accurate diagnosis. The solution to your knee pain, back pain, or any other pain lies in knowing what is causing that pain.

This is especially true when it comes to chronic pain. When pain has been present for a number of months, or even years, you most likely have been to several doctors and tried multiple interventions to no avail. The reason that your pain is not improving may be the result of an inaccurate diagnosis from a chronic pain management clinic. If the cause of the pain is incorrectly diagnosed, the treatment method chosen for that pain will not help, or help very minimally.

One of the specialties of the doctors at Dr. Burke Orthopedics is chronic pain management. They will not attempt a treatment method without first obtaining an accurate diagnosis. They will find the root cause of your pain first which will in turn lead to a decision on the most effective course of treatment.

Find the Right Chronic Pain Management Clinic for You

There are guidelines to the management of chronic pain that any chronic pain doctor that you visit should adhere to. These guidelines exist so that you, the patient, will have reasonable expectations and the doctor will not make false, unrealistic promises.

These guidelines state that the complete elimination of pain may not be possible but it most likely will be substantially reduced leading to a dramatic increase in the well-being of your daily life, both physically and mentally.

The chronic pain management team at Dr. Burke Orthopedics follow these guidelines and will not give false hope.

Physical Therapies

A significant, frequently prescribed intervention for the management of chronic pain is a course of physical therapy. Physical therapy is incredibly important to help with chronic pain as many times, patients will be become fearful of movement because of the fear of worsening the pain.

While PT may not completely eliminate pain, your physical therapist will be able to show you what movements may be harmful, and which are safe. They can teach you the right way to move so as not to make your pain worse.

Live an Active Lifestyle Gradually

This is an important function of physical therapy as well. PT is mostly concerned with movement of the body and will help you to gradually reintegrate into activity in a safe manner. It is never a good idea to resume full activity after a long time of being in pain. This needs to happen gradually. As the pain resolves, a conscious effort needs to be made to re-introduce activity gradually.

Dr. Burke Orthopedics is Here to Help

Chronic pain is often orthopedic in nature, meaning that the root cause of your pain is from dysfunction of the skeletal system, the muscles, or joints. Orthopedic treatment for back or knee pain, or other chronic pain episodes will help. A visit to the doctors at Dr. Burke Orthopedics in Pearland, TX near Houston is your best bet as the first step in managing your chronic pain.

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