When is Knee Pain Serious?

Knee pain is a very common complaint.  Your knee pain may be an innocuous annoyance, but when it is serious enough that it is affecting your day-to-day life, this is when to see an orthopedic doctor for your knee pain.

When knee pain becomes a constant nagging occurrence in your life, and especially if it has been present for more than a few days and does not seem to be going away on its own; this is when to visit an orthopedic knee specialist.

Affecting your daily life may be in the form of limiting your activities of daily living, such as simply walking, and moving around your home.  Or your knee pain may be impairing your ability to get adequate rest and sleep.  It may be affecting your performance at your job, or your knee pain may be limiting your participation in sports – these are all reasons that you should make a consultation with a knee doctor specialist.

When knee pain limits and impairs any kind of function, whether a minor interruption in your daily activities or intrudes on your ability to participate in work and sporting events; you should schedule a consultation with an orthopedic knee specialist.

Do loose bodies in the knee go away?

Loose bodies in your knee won’t simply disappear on their own. You will need to have the issue diagnosed and treated by a medical professional. However, there are limited options available from a non-surgical perspective when dealing with loose bodies. This condition often leads to symptoms that will continue to impair your movement until the fragments can be removed.

The use of anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy can aid in alleviating or reducing the symptoms and pain associated with the presence of loose bodies and improve your chances of maintaining a flexible joint.

Most of the time, the gold standard treatment for loose bodies in the knee will be an arthroscopic surgery. This is a kind of surgical procedure that is popularly known as a “clean out” procedure. This minimally invasive treatment allows a surgeon to thoroughly examine the knee for any loose bodies and remove them completely.

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