Knee Reconstruction and Cartilage Preservation

A common orthopedic specialty involves the knee joint.  The knee is one of the areas of the body that is most vulnerable to damage or injury.  This is because the knee bears so much weight over the course of your life.  During the walking and running cycle, there is a moment that one knee joint is loaded with the weight of the entire body.  This regular pounding on the knee joint may lead to damage of cartilage and other structures of the knee over time.

Barring a traumatic injury from sports or a car accident, for example, the knee is susceptible to a breakdown over time.  This breakdown may involve cartilage or the bones of the joint. Preserving the cartilage in the knee is a goal and one way to do this naturally is through exercise, particularly weight-bearing exercise, and weight training. 

The stronger that you can make the muscle and bones surrounding the knee joint, which will both be increased through weight-bearing exercises and weight training, the less of a chance that your knee may deteriorate to the point of needing to see a knee doctor specialist.

Joint Replacements

When the wear and tear of your knee joint progress to the point that it is causing so much pain that it affects your daily function, and lesser, non-invasive techniques will not be enough to salvage components of the knee that are damaged, a total knee replacement may be recommended.

Joint replacements are a commonly performed orthopedic surgery that the experts at Dr. Burke’s clinic specialize in. 

MACI Procedure – Stem Cell Therapy

Before a total knee replacement is necessary, sometimes it will be possible to salvage the cartilage in the knee.  Dr. Burke performs a specialized orthopedic surgery called the MACI Procedure (Matrix Associated Chondrocyte Implantation).  This is a revolutionary treatment for knee pain approved by the FDA in 2017. 

If the cartilage in the joint is damaged, the smoothness of knee motion is going to be impaired. MACI is a stem-cell treatment in which healthy cartilage is extracted from a non-weight bearing portion of your knee, then shipped to a lab where these cells are specially treated and encouraged to grow and develop. 

When considered ready, the newly developed cells are implanted back into your knee covering the damaged area that is causing your pain.

Sports Medicine Surgery

Another common specialty in orthopedics is Sports Medicine.  Sports Medicine doctors are orthopedic specialists that are very experienced in treating injuries from sports.  If surgery is suggested after a sports injury, the orthopedic surgeons at Dr. Burke’s orthopedic clinic will provide safe, effective care.

General Orthopedic Care

As well as the knee and sports injuries, orthopedic surgeons are adept at treating a complaint pertaining to any area of the body.  The specialists at Dr. Burke’s clinic located near Houston in Pearland, TX are well-versed in the anatomy and physiology of the human body.  They have been extensively educated and trained in the diagnosis and treating musculoskeletal conditions.

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Do loose bodies in the knee go away?

Loose bodies in your knee won’t simply disappear on their own. You will need to have the issue diagnosed and treated by a medical professional. However, there are limited options available from a non-surgical perspective when dealing with loose bodies. This condition often leads to symptoms that will continue to impair your movement until the fragments can be removed.

The use of anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy can aid in alleviating or reducing the symptoms and pain associated with the presence of loose bodies and improve your chances of maintaining a flexible joint.

Most of the time, the gold standard treatment for loose bodies in the knee will be an arthroscopic surgery. This is a kind of surgical procedure that is popularly known as a “clean out” procedure. This minimally invasive treatment allows a surgeon to thoroughly examine the knee for any loose bodies and remove them completely.

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